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Sharon spent her childhood growing up on a farm, and knows a thing or two about making a good ol' fashion breakfast. She's also well versed in cooking for special diets, and is happy to cater to any specific needs Stafford House guests may have. Here's a few of the many choices we offer:

  • Vegan or Vegetarian
  • Wheat/Gluten Free
  • Lactose Intolerant

If you have a need that's not listed above, be sure to let us know, I'm happy to accommodate!

-- Sharon


What can you expect from a breakfast at Stafford House Bed & Breakfast?

Fresh, local, seasonal.

  • We use fresh local ingredients
  • We make organic choices
  • We cater to specific requests

There's more than a few well used cookbooks around the Stafford house. Particular favorites include the Rebar & Moosewood Cookbooks.



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